June 10, 2006

Regional Super Forces

The plan to merge the 43 forces of England and Wales into 12 regional "super forces" is a part of John Prescott's grand design to divide up the United Kingdom into "Euro-regions", each under its own government.
The Government up until the fiasco of Immigration difficulties at the Home Office was hell bent on forcing through its regional agenda. The merger plans are still a priority but are currently being played down until the Home Office is marketable as being 'fit for purpose'. That is expected to be in 12 months time.

Following the overwhelming rejection of an elected regional assembly by the voters of the North-East, it seems the Government is hoping to reach its eventual goal the other way round. So many powers are now being passed upwards from local authorities to unelected regional bodies - from police and planning to fire and ambulance services - that eventually, it is hoped, people will demand that these are made democratically accountable through elected regional governments.
The greatest revolution in local government for 1,000 years could well soon be complete - without the Government ever having had to admit openly what it was up to.

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