June 09, 2006

North Wales comment

Comment from icNorthWales
SO, before it's even been agreed, the unwelcome and unwanted, ill-thought-through and uncosted plan to merge all four Welsh police forces, has cost taxpayers £1m.

That seems excessive to say the least for a fag packet on the back of which the scheme was drawn.

How much more can we expect to pay for this bureaucratic madness?

Critics warned that - apart from anything else - the cost would be prohibitive and lead to cuts in the service. Now we can see the truth of that prediction.

If anyone still doubts the wisdom of this harebrained, politically motivated and self-defeating proposal, think how many bobbies on the beat £1m would fund. This, just days after we learnt that Colwyn Bay ratepayers are having to pay over-the top for the privilege of three part time special constables. It's a disgrace.

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