June 12, 2006

Norwich MPs call for delay

This from the Norwich Evening News
Controversial plans to merge Norfolk police with forces in Suffolk and Cambridgeshire could and should be delayed because of the crisis enveloping the Home Office, county MPs said today.

Campaigning MPs Dr Ian Gibson and Norman Lamb have seized upon the current chaos at the Home Office, caused by the release of hundreds of foreign prisoners who should have been considered for deportation, to call for delays to police merger plans....

Although Norfolk Constabulary is still backing the amalgamation, Dr Gibson, MP for Norwich North, said there had to be serious doubts whether it would go ahead on schedule....

Mr Lamb, North Norfolk MP, added his voice to those who are calling for a rethink. “The whole thing has been ludicrously rushed and we've seen the chaos and waste of money through creating Primary Care Trusts and then abolishing them three years later,” he said.

Last month, the Evening News reported how police bosses in Norfolk backed plans to join forces with Suffolk and Cambridgeshire despite renewed calls from other forces to oppose mergers.

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