June 17, 2006

Concerns now in Cambridgeshire

From the Cambridgeshire Times
North-East Cambridgeshire MP Malcolm Moss has expressed concern after a report by senior police officers warned a shortage of funding could lead to the loss of 25,000 officers nationwide.

This, he said, would mean a reduction of 55 officers in Cambridgeshire's Central Division (Fenland and Huntingdon) and 251 fewer officers across Cambridgeshire as a whole.

The report by the association of Chief Police Officers warns that Government proposals to merge forces and provide protective services cannot be achieved "without additional government funding".
He makes a few general points, and then says, "The Government is driving through the costly merger of Cambridgeshire with Norfolk and Suffolk with insufficient debate or scrutiny and against the wishes of local people."

This is especially interesting as it was the performance of the Cambridgeshire force at Soham that led to the initial review.

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